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Its a Win-Win Notification for stake holders and FBR: says Haroon Akhtar

Prime minister’s Revenue consultant Mr. Haroon Akhtar told media Tuesday, that business worth more than 4 Trillion Rupees is under tax net now. Only 8 Billion was added in national treasures by immovable property transactions in 2015-2016 fiscal year. Now with the consent of realtors, developers and builders we have formed a Win-Win Notification, resulting

Property tax negotiations saved from being driven into a deadlock

According to the news, a session was carried out yesterday after the Jummah prayer, between Government Officials and Realtors in which 3 big cities property tax dispute is said to be near to a solution. Rates will solely depend on the area and location of property, fair market rates would be as low as 35%

Fair Market rate of property going to be finalized for 21 cities

A meeting held between Traders, Realtors and FBR Officials for property rates and tax determination in which both parties presented their opinions and submitted their own fair prices for properties. PM’s Revenue Consultant Mr. Haroon Akhtar told media that Government has its homework completed and a property rate evaluation mechanism is prepared according to DC

Banking Experts will no more assess the Property Value

According to the latest news, it has been decided, by PM’s revenue advisor Haroon Akhtar in a meeting with stake holders of property market that fair market rate of property would be fixed in all cities. Government representatives also agreed to abolish the property rate assessment rule in which valuation experts appointed by State Bank

Positive Talks held between Realtors and FBR

According to news, a meeting was held in the auditorium of Federal Board of Revenue in which association of builders and developers of Pakistan chambers of commerce and industry and Prime Minister’s revenue advisor Haroon Akhtar Khan, FBR chairman Nisar Muhamamd khan with other office holders of federal board of revenue participated. Topic of the