Small Business Exchange

Small Business Exchange – An Intro

The small business exchange is a platform that has the resources and services you need to succeed.


Advertising has become a critical part of the present business scenario. It is carried out to achieve fastest results. Targeted advertisement has its perks. It is the fastest way to get results. Small Business Exchange is an accredited and recognized focus or trade publication. It was created with the purpose of highlighting the opportunities in the real estate markets for the sellers and buyers. It strategically targets and reaches individuals through the electronic websites and print publications in all of the following fields:

  1. Agencies from local, state and federal jurisdictions
  2. Educational institutes
  3. Unions
  4. Community based organizations
  5. Decision makers in various industries

Diversity Outreach Services:

Small business exchange assists companies, strengthens their compliance with projects and plans, and enhances their good faith efforts. Its unique database provides a central platform for disabled-veteran, woman, minority, disadvantaged and other small businesses. It is an outreached standard. It provides thousands of certified businesses at one location. Its services include:

  1. Computer generated full documentation
  2. Telephone follow-up of interested companies and individualized questions
  3. Targeted emailing, faxing and mailing by focus groups, certification, industry type(s) and other requirements
  4. Sub-bid request advertisement such as local print publications, websites, newsletters, and weekly newspapers

Small Business Exchange Database

Small business exchange owns the largest non-public database. It contains information with 35 fields of information on over 1.5 million companies. It is an easily searchable and highly targeted database with detailed information on:

  1. Certified disadvantaged veteran business enterprises (DVBEs)
  2. Certified disadvantaged business enterprises (DBEs)
  3. Women owned businesses (WBEs)
  4. Small, minority owned businesses (MBEs)

Small business exchange mainly contains information under two heads i.e. bid database and B2B database. It maintains information on federal procurement and state procurement opportunities nationwide. It maintains a national database from all industries of their businesses which is both certified by local, state and federal jurisdiction and non-certified under 85 plus fields of information. These databases can be accessed through various outreach services of the small business exchange.

Business Resources:

Small business exchange is a one-stop shop. Therefore, the users are no more required to waste their time in online search. They can simply log into the website and find exactly what they need. It provides its users information regarding:

  1. Articles, links and helpful resources
  2. Certification assistance
  3. Certification requirements
  4. SBA resources information
  5. Contract listings
  6. Forms

Small business exchange connects various certifying agencies to the businesses within each state. It provides additional resources small programs, small businesses that have links to large organizations and others. It contains a regular news section as well. Its main purpose is to provide updates on DOT, legislation, banking and finance, syndicated columnists’ continuing columns and business profiles by journalists. It also sponsors certain events related to Chamber of Commerce and Associations, private and public sponsored small business, small, minority owned businesses, and SBDCs usually sponsored by SBA.

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