From the heights of Himalayas to the coast of Arabian Sea, Saeed Ghani has extracted the natural ingredients from herbs. Saeed Ghani has been in Indian sub continent since 1888, serving with pure and finest products of natural perfumes (Attar) and PURE HAIR OILS, during the course of time since hundred years Saeed Ghani start developing quite considerable range of herbal products with natural ingredients in category of SKIN CARE, HAIR CARE, TONICS and TREATMENTS.

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Saeed Ghani’s ROSE WATER Ayurvedic Tonic is one of the best quality product produced which is also being used not only by our dedicated and general users but also by majority of local hakeem’s as an ingredient for their unani / herbal medicines throughout the country giving us a market leader leverage.

The Second most famous Brand and product of Saeed Ghani is its KHAS SANDAL UBTAN, this product has established Saeed Ghani as a personal touch and care for all Pakistan families during their wedding / mehndi ceremonies.

In PURE HAIR OIL category our two oils MUGHZIAT & TARCHUP are the best formulated hair tonics these are produce / formulated with century old recipes and with the extract of more than forty herbs carefully selected by Saeed Ghani.

Saeed Ghani is working day and night to produce pure 100% herbal active ingredients products for herbal loving peoples.

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National Business & Real Estate (NBR), established in 2016, is a leading solution provider to buy/sell small business or setting up franchise of any existing business as well as provider of different services of real estate industry in major cities of Pakistan. NBR has setup new trends in business & real estate brokerage services, national market analysis and planning.

NBR is a subsidy of an Australia based Company, head office located in Sydney, Australia. Mr. Noor Awan is pattern in chief who has vast knowledge of technology so his vision is not only bounded to just one country.

For further information on franchise requirements please contact at following address or submit your query using contact us form.

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National Business & Real Estate

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