Recent Market Trends of Real Estate in DHA Lahore

Recent Market Trends of Real Estate in DHA Lahore

The today’s trending real estate, culture has gained real fame in the 21st century. It has changed the living standards of the world. Where housing societies, which contain all types of latest and state of the art facilities, bring people towards a luxurious living standard, there on the other hand also brings some new market trends in the real estate business.

This growing business opportunity also knocked the door of Lahore and worked hard to change the life style of the people of this historical city. DHA Lahore, which is considered as the most luxurious and charming place to live, contains all types of facilities which a state of art housing society must have. However, from 2007 to 2010 the real estate world had faced lots of problems in their way, which later turned out to be the golden opportunity for them in 2011 when new tax reforms were established for real estate business.

It changed the recent market trends of properties in DHA Lahore, and in two years, this housing scheme has gained 60 to 100% more attention and investment and thus has developed into a world-class living area. It is the revolution of the real estate market in Lahore.

New taxes are applied to real estate sector of Pakistan, whose prices are not yet fully cleared by the Government of Pakistan. These taxes didn’t affect much on recent market trends of properties in DHA Lahore. But these tax changes result in the increase in prices of commercial as well as residential plots in this particular zone of Lahore. A study on the recent tax changes of 2016 reveals that property prices have increased by 20 to 30% from the real price over a period of a few months. But still, people are moving towards DHA Lahore and buying property there.

One more benefit which this project is given to the people of Lahore is its attraction for all the international brands. They are reaching there to open their outlets which are a significant development. People around the world show their interest to invest in this project and bring their offices in DHA Lahore, which is a clear mark of its excellence.

DHA provides a luxury life to the people of Pakistan, has also produced a bright platform for the investors to invest in the real estate sector of Pakistan. Along with this, it also sets some new market trends for its competitors who want to compete with them.

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