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Present day trends of house designs

There were times when people used to live in such houses that a capacious piece of land was left empty for the purpose of vast backyards or lawns. There were totally cemented houses and backyard was must in these houses. People back then, were very fond of home cultivation. Various kinds of vegetables and fruits were grown in the yards and lawns of the houses. Not only rural, but urban areas were also following this t as people were fond of living in capacious houses.

However, Now a Day small homes with cramped lawns are in the trend. People are moving from large bungalows to small but tech savvy houses. New homes are equipped with state of the art facilities and modern interior decorations. Space consuming furniture designs are also being replaced with minimal, elegant styles. This trend is making people use land and space in efficient manner.

As people are now more educated and aware with the environmental issues, Environment friendly Building material is being used in house constructions. Paints, windows, electrical fittings, everything is environment friendly and sustainable. Building material manufacturers are also complying with the newer trends.

The stylish and well equipped kitchen and bathrooms are in high demand and it seems matter a lot to many people. Even kitchens and baths are now redesigned and remodeled, instead of building them over again, thanks to innovations in the industry. Kitchen are being made to do lot more than just cooking and sitting. A kitchen equipped with latest technology stoves and hoods, a sitting area and an adjacent dining room is common in the all modern constructed houses. Same with the bathrooms, as people are adding saunas and steam rooms to their master bathrooms.

In the modern houses, backyards are replaced with swimming pools. Basements living is also on rise and basements are no longer used for the purpose of store rooms, but they are being constructed for Home theaters, indoor games and also for proper living spaces. Some people also installed elevators in their houses, especially where there is joint family system exists and elder family members are unable to use the stairs.

With the emerging technological advancements, smarter equipment like digital heating systems, automatic generators and solar geysers are now being used. The rising trend of smarter homes and Eco-friendly appliances save much of the cost of living and also save energy but building such houses is very much expensive and truly not everyone’s thing.

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