PM’s Revenue Consultant Mr.Haroon Akhtar Opens Up with Media

Prime Minister’s Revenue Consultant Mr. Haroon Akhtar Khan had a session with the media officials on Monday and answered some questions on the current happenings in the real estate and property sector. While Answering one question, he stated that FBR’s step to expose & eliminate Biggest Black Economy of Pakistan should be praised by critics instead of being bad mouthed. He was in a view that, a big part of Pakistan’s real estate sector’s cash flows and underground economy can be documented by this method. He added that FBR have gathered data regarding to fair market rates and DC rates of all big cities and FBR teams among property evaluation experts will scrutinize it on Wednesday. On 28th July, there will be a meeting going to be held between the team of realtors & developers and FBR officials, in which both parties will compare their reports and some final decisions will be made on the same day.

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