Islamic International School System motto is “PERSEVERANCE, EXCELLENCE, COMMITMENT and KNOWLEDGE”. On a daily basis, Islamic International School System strives to instill in its students these virtues. The school expects of its students a high standard of academic achievement, commitment, and integrity combined with respect, self-discipline and a code of conduct based on Islamic teachings. Through school work and homework, meaningful assignments, complemented by Fehm-ul-Qur’aan classes at school and Islamic Tarbiyah,Islamic International School SystemSchool offers a unique environment in which to educate today’s young Muslims maturing, developing and growing up in this current very modern society. Islamic International School System allows children to experience the joy of learning at an early age. It offers an activity based program structured along the Montessori Principles. Teachers create a dynamic interactive learning environment that encourages each child to reason, cooperate, collaborate and understand. Ours preparatory section also lays emphasis on the indirect and direct preparation for acquiring reading and writing skills at an early age. Islamic International School System offers three levels according to the age group: Montessori, Nursery and Kindergarten.

To this end, it is well worth remembering that the process of learning is as important as the product of learning. How well we learn with perseverance and commitment will affect the result of learning.

Why to Join

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How to Join

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