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Gwadar project the real investment

Among the several investment opportunities that promise growth and positive returns in Pakistan real estate sector, the most stellar and lucrative one is the Gwadar. Gwadar is a free trade port located near the Persian Gulf, from where 40 per cent of the world’s oil passes. Due to its strategic location, China and Pakistan agreed to develop the port and a contract named, China Pakistan Economic Corridor is signed by both countries. This Project is considered as a game changer for the economy of Pakistan, as it is the largest project ever in the history with a cost of $46 billion. Main projects are Gwadar Port Development, International Air Port, Railway Lines, Coastal Roads, World’s fifth Gwadar Coast Center, Oil & Gas Pipe Lines, Refinery & Petrochemicals, Solar Power, Wind Energy Setups, Mirani Dam and Akra Dam. Eastern and Western routes are under construction; western route will be completed and will connect Gwadar with Kashgar by 2018.

In 2002, Gwadar project was announced but fell prey to terrorism, but now this project is operated and governed by Chinese companies and Pakistan army is looking after its security related matters. China ‘s interest to develop the Gwadar port is in the favor of both china & Pakistan, as it will help china to reduce 70% costs of export and import and Pakistan will benefit from the revenues it will generate by infrastructure and industrial developments.

Development of Gwadar is opening doors for real estate investors as there is empty land which will be available for residential and commercial use. Since the project was planned and announced, developers have started introducing numerous residential and commercial developments there. Today’s Gwadar features several investment options and those can be homes, apartments, plots, commercial buildings or villas.

According to real estate experts, this is the right time to invest in real estate in Gwadar as prices are going to rise once the project is completed. Here are some different investment opportunities in Gwadar.

Gwadar would be designed following development style of Dubai. Most of the developments will face beach as it is a coastal city. Regardless of the city, prices of properties in coastal cities are always high and tend to rise due to cramped space available for construction. Gwadar is not developed yet and properties are available there at lower prices for now. Property investment in such area will come up with good returns due to higher demand in the years to come.

Investment can also be made in commercial developments that would be located in the central Gwadar city. Those areas will become a central business hub automatically where major roads will be interconnected in the future. Investing in real estate near Gwadar Airport and Gwadar Seaport will be a wiser step. This area will experience most of the future development.

Government of Pakistan, after resolving the internal conflicts, now focusing on the development of the port and offering very attractive incentives to the international investors and industrialists like 40 years tax holidays. The International community including Pakistan, China, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Iran, Russia, UAE, and Kazakhstan (also many others) are heavily investing in Gwadar. There are many housing schemes which can be considered such as savaira city, sanghar housing scheme, creek city Gwadar and GDA housing scheme. In short, wherever you intend to invest in real estate in Gwadar, it will yield good returns in near future due to spikes in demand for properties there.

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