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Growing trend of greenery in housing projects

Who Doesn’t like to walk on the lush green grass in the morning? Who can resist the soothing touch of morning dew to the bare feet? who can ignore the eye catching view of colorful, gloaming flowers? And of course no one can deny the importance of the shelter of a tree in the hot, sunny weather. Truth is, greenery and trees are essential for human beings in various aspects. In a year, one lac trees can provide sufficient oxygen for 18 people. They help keeping the environment pollution free. They provide shelter, wood, food and energy as well. In a nutshell, benefits of trees and greenery are widespread and globally realized.

However, in Pakistan, from past some years it is the most neglected area of development. No measures were taken for the growth of trees and forests under any Government and the existing forests were continuously being cut down. The parks and gardens were overlooked from both sides, the development authorities and the visitors. Due to hectic work schedules and other technological advancements, adults disregarded the importance of exercise and the children were diverted towards the video games. Outdoor games, community gatherings, yoga classes and jogging became a part of history.

In the current era of large scale real estate developments, alongside other state of the art facilities, significance of parks and greenery is also realized and special attention is being paid to the development of gardens, parks, playgrounds, green belts, plants and trees, and flowers. Development is being done by both public and private authorities. Today’s premium housing societies have a working horticulture department and they tend to develop green belts among roads, and parks and trees before the launch of the project.

Horticulture Department of a housing society is responsible for breeding and propagation of plants and trees, greenery, parks, flowers, Green Belts, Land development and maintenance etc. Pakistan Horticulture Authority has now set a criteria of minimum numbers of parks and trees, by fulfilling this requirement by PHA, this department acquires No Objection Certificate (NOC) from PHA and submit it in Lahore Development Authority (LDA) for the approval of project. Many horticulture departments of housing societies now own a nursery. They keep, look after and breed the plants and trees there. Some developers are importing special plants from the foreign countries to give a unique look to their projects.

To sum up, any outdoor activity such as morning walk, exercise and jogging in a park is essential for a long, healthy life and for a vigilant mind, as it keeps the body moving. Moreover, it helps body absorbing more and more fresh oxygen. The sight of greenery is soothing for eyes and it keeps eyes from any sight problems. One who is in a pursuit of happy and healthy life, should visit the parks and bring his children to the playgrounds at least once in a week.

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