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Business for sale

Business for sale

Daily in the newspapers, we see ad business for sale. Some people don’t know exactly what is business for sale. Start a new business in not an easy task because it takes more money, time and patience as well. However, taking a responsibility for your own business in not easy. Most people purchase a franchise

How to buy retail business online - SBX

How to buy retail business online

Whether you are an investor or an entrepreneur, establishing a business on your own is not easy to achieve. You have two options available either you start your business complete on your own or you can buy an established business sold by some other party. For this purpose, you can find many websites that enable

How to acquire restaurant business as an entrepreneur? - SBX

How to acquire restaurant business as an entrepreneur?

The restaurant is one business that involves people and food and when these two factors are brought together in a pleasing way they usually incur success for you. However, initiating business of restaurant from scratch usually require huge investment and resources along with dedicated time. So, for those who have limited finance and resources available

choose-the-right-business-model-for-your - SBX

How to choose right business for you

Many entrepreneurs out there are opted to start a new business and desperately looking for help for this purpose. For such entrepreneurs, there is a good news that they can buy a running business of their own choice. Though it may seem ambiguous when you hear it first but if you go into details you

How to avoid startup failures - SBX

How to avoid startup failures

When thinking about initiating a new business there are some daunting questions that capture our minds and kills positivity of the idea somehow. if have the potential to start a new business? Which type of business will be suitable? Which Product is out of the trend, which market is outperformed? But the most dismaying one

Business Startup Challenges in Pakistan

Business Startup Challenges in Pakistan

When a person enters in the professional life, he has to make some decisions for his future. To get a job or start a business is one of them. Both ways of earning come with their own specific pros & cons. In Pakistan, ratio of entrepreneurs is next to nothing. Here i have described some