A.L.S is a pioneer in quality education. With an in-house R&D division which is constantly tuned into the newest of technologies on the block and a by-far the best team of academia, dedicated to the constant upgradation of the curriculum, the school is one of its kind in the schooling fraternity. A.L.S is a dynamic educational community created by the interaction of dedicated organizers, enthusiastic parents and committed faculty.

The vision of A.L.S extends beyond the narrow walls of classroom and textbooks. At A.L.S, we believe that education is about preparing and equipping young people for life and not just for school. With this philosophy as our inspiration, A.L.S provides a stimulating environment where children enjoy learning and are encouraged and challenged to perform to the best of their abilities, in all areas of our extensive curriculum. In the A.L.S environment children feel both inside and outside the classroom, learning to accept responsibility, establishing self-discipline and gaining self-confidence. At A.L.S, we’ve always believed that both teachers and parents play an important role in the growth and development of a child and it’s only through open communication, fruitful discussions and active participation that we can together lay a strong foundation for our children.

Why to Join

1. It owns and runs all types of schools, which are offered for franchising.
2. It does not offer an inferior brand. The quality and reputation of ALS is shared with the franchises.
3. The franchise plans are flexible and can be adjusted to your unique requirement.
4. We offer a host of value-added programs, which are propriety and international. These add-ons not only raise the standard, but also put you in an advantageous position.
5. ALS offers “O” levels in franchise options.
6. We strive to accommodate all business associates through franchise, partnership, merger or out-sourcing. Acquisition is also a viable option.
7. Phasing out franchises so as to cater for future growth can also be offered.
8. Franchise options for complete areas, cities etc. can also be considered, in special cases.

How to Join

National Business & Real Estate (NBR), established in 2016, is a leading solution provider to buy/sell small business or setting up franchise of any existing business as well as provider of different services of real estate industry in major cities of Pakistan. NBR has setup new trends in business & real estate brokerage services, national market analysis and planning.

NBR is a subsidy of an Australia based Company, head office located in Sydney, Australia. Mr. Noor Awan is pattern in chief who has vast knowledge of technology so his vision is not only bounded to just one country.

For further information on franchise requirements please contact at following address or submit your query using contact us form.

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National Business & Real Estate

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